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Rachel Mac Goldsmith is a one-woman Atelier in Canterbury, New Zealand. 

After years of working and training in Auckland, Australia & Germany, the Rachel Mac workshop is now home under the southern alps of Aoteaora.

 I take real joy in crafting things from hand, using traditional  hand fabrication and modern techniques.


Materials have been sourced from years of travelling and meeting passionate local and international suppliers with a firm belief in humanitarian & ecological ethics.

Utilising mostly recycled materials, and supporting only suppliers with strong ethical standards .

I am creating pieces that are solid, durable and designed to be cherished & handed down to future generations.

Jewellery in the shop is part of a curated collection, though occasionally I create one-offs from unusual stones or to trial some new ideas.

I also love collaborating with clients to create a custom piece, a token with their own personal story.

Fill in the contact form on the Contact page with any enquiries you have.

Jewellery feels more beautiful & treasured when its impact on the earth is limited, and its ripple effect is as positive as possible. Utilising recycled or sustainably sourced materials. & supporting small business , Slow Fashion is a concept based on sustainable & transparent manufacturing, taking into account welfare, respect for the environment, and valuing quality over quantity.


"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do." - Potter Stewart

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