Venus Figurine

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Hand carved Venus figurine pendant 🤍 Sterling Silver pendant on a swivel bail, designed to swing and spin. 27x14x14 mm

*pendant only chain not included*

I've made these to be worn every day and last, solid enough to be handed down over time.
Venus figurines are voluptuous female figures, hand carved by early humans across Europe and Asia from Mammoth tusk and sandstone. Small in size, it's thought that they were held in hands during rituals, and worn as amulets to protect women during pregnancy and childbirth. There are many theories of thier use, many variations in thier shapes, the only constant is that they were exaggerated female forms that were treasured.

Softly textured to age gracefully over time.

Sterling Silver $140

9ct Yellow or Rose Gold $1650 * available to order by request*

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